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Most tax frustration is caused by either paying too much or not paying enough. When you pay too much, you cheat your lifestyle and harm your retirement. When you don't pay enough (or at all), the IRS shows up and misery follows. We are specialists in resolving these two problems.

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IRS Problem Resolution


From:  Van Lanier, MBA, EA


Because the issue is an IRS problem, I thought a personal memo with some staight talk would be helpful.

There is no question that dealing with the IRS is challenging, stressful, and frustrating. It can also be dangerous.  I’m sure you know IRS can drain your bank account, seize your retirement, or confiscate your income.  You can avoid that misery with help from an experienced tax resolution specialist.  

The truth is, sometimes bad things happen to good people.  I firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance at their IRS problem.  My practice is dedicated to helping people resolve their IRS problem, regardless of how it came to be. 

If you are getting letters from the IRS, you should call me. I have the special training, federal license, and 40 years of experience that your accountant and lawyer simply don't have, good as they may be for your other needs.  In fact, I’m the tax specialist many Northern Virginia accountants and attorneys call when their clients encounter the IRS. 

Caution:  Most people realize those 1-800 "tax relief" commercials are nonsense. Seriously, if you could magically settle tax liability for pennies on the dollar, why would anyone pay taxes in the first place? The IRS advises taxpayers to avoid these “offer mills.”  It’s good advice.  Don't let these out of town companies take your money and leave you holding the bag with the IRS.  

The right way to resolve your IRS problem is to hire a local tax resolution specialist.  Much like choosing a skilled cardiologist to treat your heart problem, choosing a skilled tax specialist to resolve your IRS problem is the wise choice.  

Most people hire me because of my experience, negotiating skill, and compassionate attention to their case. Talk to me, and see if you agree. My phone number is 703-437-4140.  I will be glad to listen to how you got here, then explain the tax resolution process and the fees.   

Whatever you do, don't avoid the IRS.  This is one federal agency that will not go away, and it has unprecedented power to make your life miserable while it collects the taxes.  If you're getting letters from the IRS, or if a Revenue Officer has paid you a visit, call me today and protect yourself.  703-437-4140.  


"After wasting $5,000 with a debt relief company that failed to solve my tax problem, I found Van Lanier.  He immediately stepped in, protected me from an IRS levy, and negotiated a settlement I could afford.  His calm demeanor, years of experience, and expert negotiating skills saved the day!"

            Kate P. - Ashburn, VA


Van Lanier is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the US Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in all states, without limitation.  He has 40 years of experience negotiating financial and tax settlements.   He holds an MBA in finance and is certified as a Tax Resolution Specialist by ASTPS.  He is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute and a member of the American Academy of Tax Practice.