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Most tax frustration is caused by either paying too much or not paying enough. When you pay too much, you cheat your lifestyle and harm your retirement. When you don't pay enough (or at all), the IRS shows up and misery follows. We are specialists in resolving these two problems.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by taxes, schedule an appointment today or call for more information. You will sleep better tonight.

Creative Tax Planning


It's like this:  If you feel sick, you get a health checkup to see what's wrong.  If you feel you're overpaying taxes, you get a tax checkup to find out why.  This is especially important if you work for yourself.

Once we know the facts, we can develop a plan to correct the tax mistakes that may be costing you thousands.  Then, we’ll guide you in implementing our recommendations and help you select the right Concierge Tax Maintenance Plan to stay on track. 

  1. Our Concierge Pro Plan is for accomplished W-2 employees.  Most work in tech firms, government contractors, or businesses.  Concierge Pro includes a tax checkup, semi-annual tax review, tax return preparation, routine response to any IRS or state correspondence, and unlimited “quick questions.” Plans start at $100 per month.
  2. Our Concierge PLUS Plan is for self-employed people.  Most work in the service sector like consulting, sales, solopreneur ventures, or the professions. Concierge PLUS includes everything in the Pro Plan, plus monthly bookkeeping, payroll, annual business analysis, and business tax return preparation.  Plans start at $395 per month.
  3. Our Concierge Premiere Plan is for business owners who need weekly accounting and tax support.  Concierge Premiere includes all the services of Pro and Plus, in addition to the bookkeeping software, training, weekly updates, quarterly reviews, and unlimited access to an MBA with 40 years of small business experience.  Plans start at $695 per month.  

We mean no disrespect to your current tax adviser, but the truth is most accountants prepare tax returns after the year is over and it's too late to save any money.  We are different:  We specialize in CREATIVE TAX PLANNING, done in advance, because we know it can save you thousands.  Our difference could be a game changer, and a second opinion never hurts. 

Talk with us today.  You'll get the benefit of our 40 years of experience, and a candid evaluation of your tax situation.  Why would you give the government more money than you have to?


"Van and BJ Lanier at NOVA Accounting know more about reducing taxes than anyone I've ever met.  If you think you're paying too much, Van and BJ should be your tax accountants."

Brandon G. - Herndon, VA